Our Vision

Welcome to Synergetics Education

Our Vision is to improve the lives of people everywhere through synergy in education. Our Mission is to increase access to quality education, humanize modern systems, and transfer knowledge across boundaries.

Key concepts

We believe that solutions for today's learners are intercultural, interdisciplinary, and intelligent.

We look at the parts from the whole, and vice versa. Synergetics is a way at looking at the world both empirically and personally, from various angles. Knowledge is not a "fixed" or "static" physical reality, it continuously emerges as we create new realities.  Buckminster Fuller, the physicist-philosopher behind the science of synergetics now fundamental to our understanding of Chemisty, Biology, Computer Science, Architecture, Astronomy and other sciences states:

U = MP (Universe is both metaphysical and physical)


Reenvisioning education in a global context is possible when we expand our notions of reality towards a synergy of intercultural, interdisciplinary, and interintelligent systems both closing and opening.

TRD is a new approach to learning and teaching where a dynamic design flows between content, learners, and technology to create new features, effects, and directions constantly adapted to systems in transformation.


We respond to subjectivity with objectivity, in a constant feedback loop, reflexively adapting to and changing reality. We design approaches and solutions that synergize self-reference with other-reference, illustrated by the circle and triangle intertwined. In TRD, multiple points of reference called ‘isolated parts’ of the physical and metaphysical feed information into a ‘universal whole’ which is the entire system in transition, unknowable yet changeable through the objective identification and subjective manipulation of each part. 

In Synergetics Language, for example, the ‘objective’ parts are the content, language teacher and learner, and design. Each of these parts can be explained to some extent, but the outcomes are ‘subjective’ because each subjective part is part of a knowledge system in constant transformation - new language, content, goals, and technologies - that structure new learning as a response to the combination of these isolated parts. Thus, language learning is never complete, yet by responding to the isolated parts we see the greater whole, which is more than the sum of its parts, and then respond to the whole by adapting each part to new realities.

We leverage the strength of flipped classrooms, in- house and web seminars, and modern learning management systems; meet the students with flexibility of time, space, competency, budget, technological and emotional readiness.

We seek to include perspectives from all stakeholders, engage in excellence, self-reflection, ethical behavior; and aim to apply value to students with the goal of career or other achievement.

We turn knowledge into application, find the general from the particular, learn from field experts, maximize time and effort, and help others grow.

We create a dynamic flow between content, language, technology, and impact so that 'thinking' systems emerge synergistically to provide value as each human actor in the network emerges in conscious 'thought.'  


We open new ways of financing and measuring education, support various economic segments, use smart contract and distributed ledger technology to synergize various parts of education into a greater whole.  

We create socioeconomic alternatives to excellent training and scholarship; advance business models and nonprofit initiatives that synergize various stakeholder groups; help people rename the world; all while measuring and developing through the "triple bottom line" of financial, social, and environmental impact.

Synergetics starts with learning design, foreign language, and specialized content.

Space To Make Your Greatest Impact.

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