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Dr. Josh Lange
Dr. Angelika Zotter


Dr. Josh Lange is a world-renowned education technology visionary and Professor of Applied Languages. Dr. Angelika Zotter is a multilingual lawyer and former government official. In 2017 Dr. Lange and Dr. Zotter teamed up to develop an Interactive Language Masterclass to help win a $4 Billion international arbitration. The method was so successful they tested it in different domains like medicine, business, and academia. The results for students were so extraordinary they’ve now combined their passion for excellence and languages with innovation in science and technology to create a ‘synergy of language, content and design.’ The Synergetics Approach personalizes content-specfic language coaching to every niche topic, learner, and goal – and has already helped over 100 top companies, law firms, and individuals succeed worldwide. 


Our Commitment


Synergy of specialist language training that integrates world-class content, relevant language, and expert design.


Synergy across platforms and people, using scalable solutions that make sense and benefit the World.


Synergy of social, environmental, and financial capital as the foundation of our work, creating a "triple bottom line."

learning and development cycle

Synergetics uses Applied Linguistics and Hybrid Learning Design science developed by Dr. Josh Lange  over 15 years with leading practitioners and scholars. 

His research found that 1) language and learning systems are constantly changing, and 2) Content-Specific Interactive Language Coaching is the quickest, most effective way to learn advanced language skills within changing systems. Synergetics (Buckminster Fuller) proposes that the “whole is more than the sum of its parts” and systems are constantly changing. 

With Synergetics, every course design adapts to each firm, every activity leads towards higher performance, and every learner gains confidence for every potential work or personal situation in a foreign language.

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Improve the lives of people everywhere through Synergy in education.

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