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We’re proud to partner with MyInnerGenius to provide cutting-edge solutions for HR departments seeking to unlock the full potential of their workforce.

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Emerging Tech for assessments

Synergetics Education provides consulting on how to use Emerging Tech such as Generative AI and Blockchain in assessments. We’ve also partnered with MyInnerGenius to provide powerful tools for HR departments. These validated tools used by top tech companies give you a deeper understanding of people for selection, development, and career planning.
Benefits: These tools, endorsed by top tech companies, empower you to make informed decisions in talent management, driving organizational success.


Discover the untapped potential within your workforce

MyInnerGenius utilizes cutting-edge science to uncover hidden skills and personality traits, providing valuable insights in less than an hour.


Identify hidden potential

That will never show up on a resume or interview and match them to training and careers they will love and where they will be successful.


Eliminate bias

by shielding SPI, biographical data, age, gender and race


Assess at scale

Using a cloud-based solution which plugs into legacy systems.


Future proof careers

By matching capability to emerging roles with family-supporting wages.


Advance the marginalized

Using science and an unbiased process to increase opportunities for marginalized groups increasing diversity and inclusion in the workforce.


Create data to drive decisions

By providing a consolidated skills registry which identifies talent and dearth to inform funding, recruiting, and education strategies.

Future Focus

FutureFocus includes 18 core scales, 5 leadership scales, plus role-specific scales

Thinking Domain

Interacting Domain

Achieving Domain

Digital Domain

-in development

Leading Domain

Selling Domain

Skills-Based Hiring

Jobs are changing at a rapid pace and the pace at which job skills become obsolete is accelerating.

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of the average job's skills have been replaced just over the past five years.


Of the top 20 skills listed in US job postings have changed since 2016.

More than a third of the top 20 skills listed in US job postings have changed since 2016, and one in five skills is an entirely new requirement for that job. A study by the Boston Consulting Group found that 37% of the average job’s skills have been replaced just over the past five years. That means workers need to constantly learn new skills to stay ahead of the curve. Several factors are contributing to the rapid pace of skill obsolescence.

These include:

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