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Mission: Create synergy between economics, education, and the environment

Problems like ‘poverty’ and ‘climate change’ cannot be solved by themselves, solved by one group, or wait for tomorrow. Redefining the world is the only way to escape the determined.  Synergetics Education helps people ‘think outside the box’ of their limitations and into the synergy of a changing universe.


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Masters Level Academic English for All

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Free Online Courses in Niche Topics

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Vienna Virtuoso Classical Music for All

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GetSmart Student Debt Relief

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Poverty is not limited to borders or colors, beliefs or alliances, or even income. Even the wealthy are poor without love!  But income does create a severe ability gap which is only increasing with  population. Synergetics integrates deep and critical thinking into all of our courses, and offers world-class training at demographic pricing, which adjusts to the national economy – not the ability of the student to pay. Through this model, we ensure people over profits and open doors for various populations who otherwise could not pay for our highly in-demand expertise. Through adjustable pricing and offering free online courses throughout the year, Synergetics creates scalable, capacity-building opportunities for people – in key fields like law and medicine – to create affordable solutions for those who can benefit the most.
Case #1 Vienna Virtuoso

Vienna Virtuoso was the first initiative synergizing “modern, classical, and revolutionary” music education.  We designed a free, open-source LMS and ‘focus lessons’ with Vienna Symphony Orchestra and Mozarthaus to inspire and engage the next generation of classical musicians. Through “Mozart from Mozarthaus” we recorded live training in eight instruments and six languages from both top-level maestros and aspiring advanced students and published them on Youtube.  We created scholarships for live-streaming concerts for unknown young musicians. We synergized the expertise of the Vienna Boy’s Choir with the Vienna Refugee Choir and Vienna’s Long Nights of the Museums. We honored the disabled through various ideas such as Rodrigo for the blind, Vivaldi for orphans, and Beethoven for the deaf. 

Case #2 Masters Bridge in English

The “MBE” is the first open-source, completely free pre-Masters and pre-PhD “Pathways in English” program.  It combines the best practices of online learning, portfolio-based assessment, and English for Academic Purposes to provide students around the World access to higher education through Academic English, Critical Thinking, and Transferable Study Skills.  It has been implemented in India’s largest university to help over 700 students reach Master’s level qualification and is on the pathway for full EU accreditation. 

Social Impact Measures

Some organizations talk of a ‘double bottom line’ but ours is synergetically-designed as a ‘triple bottom line’ of value measurement. As a teacher can never know the amount of impact she had on a single student, there is no objective way to determine the full impact of any individual or team’s actions.  But we can raise consciousness of how important it is to consider our impact – both positive and negative – when we educate others.
We constantly look at the synergy of our own company’s financial, social, and environmental impact and report the impact of each training to our clients, helping each other to see new opportunities for sustainability and growth while aligning investments with hard data.

Synergize Neurodiversity

The Founder of Synergetics, Dr. Josh Lange, was diagnosed as ADHD as a child and put in special classes, told repeatedly he was disabled, and his ideas dismissed by friends and professionals.  This is the story of many so-called ‘ADHD’ people like Einstein, Michael Phelps, and Jamie Oliver.  But all of us “disordered” people cannot fit into the isolated boxes of conformity, and when we synergize our neurodiversity it becomes world-changing focus.
Attention Discovery Hyperactivity Development

For the Attention Discoverer, there are only two things to “discover” which lead to successful focus:

  1. what keeps our attention (directed)
  2. what loses our attention (distracted)

AD can be thus redefined as Attention Discovery.

The discovery of our own attention span, what we focus on now, what we want to focus on, and what we miss when our energy is scattered will make us conscious of our own activity and how to change our thoughts and behavior towards better focus. By helping our AD kids become “attention discoverers” we turn focus-consciousness into a useful game, avoid stygmatizing them, and provide a self-therapy mechanism that works throughout life. 

Now that we’ve looked at Attention Discovery, and have an easy way to figure out what keeps us interested enough to focus, we turn to the development of our hyperactive energy towards useful activities that focus our attention.

Why is hyperactivity considered a ‘disorder’?  All the most amazing people throughout history have been hyperactive. We like to call them “prolific” writers, extreme athletes, serial entrepreneurs, but without hyperactivity all these people would be average, boring, common. Maybe that’s what the society wants, more controlled and passive consumers, but the ADHD superpower will not allow it in our hearts, as the energy is endless compared to the ‘normal’ people who judge us as ‘disordered’.  

Once we understand that this hyperenergy is available to us at all times, we can laugh at the so-called experts who say ‘you need eight hours of sleep’ or ‘why can’t you just be still’ ‘you can’t multitask really’ or ‘everything needs to be organized properly’ because those things are projections from the average person’s low energy and just don’t correspond to our reality, which is awake, moving around, and in multiple directions at once. 

Multidirectionality is a powerful way to focus the hyperactive superpower, and it can be developed over time.  Did anyone tell Elon Musk that he couldn’t make a car, space, construction, energy, and technology company at the same time and lead them al efficiently?  No, because he wouldn’t have listened anyway. But his superpower of hyperactivity didn’t come overnight, he had to build the skills of delegating his ideas and actions to others who can focus on one thing.  This way his hyperactivity is channelled and his multidirectionality reaches various goals at once.

For the Hyperactive Developer, there are only two things to “develop” which lead to successful focus:

  1. what keeps our hyperactivity focused 
  2. what makes us passive (distracted)

HD can be thus redefined as Hyperactivity Development.

Discover your attention and develop your hyperactivity. Don’t listen to those prescribing you addictive medication because they cannot see your true potential.  Synergize your strengths and make the World a better place! 

Synergetics vision: improve the lives of people everywhere through education.

Become the master of your potential.

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