Become a Power Networker in English

***EXCLUSIVE FOR WEBSUMMIT 2023***Connect with other delegates and speakers while practising your advanced English language and networking skills – in one fantastic hour before and after the conference. 

Pre-Conference (FREE for registered WEBSUMMIT conference attendees)


  • Earn NFT badge for your CV to verify language and networking skills 
  • Meet speakers and follow up with moderated small group discussions
  • Personalized English language report sent to you privately

Follow the QR code below to sign up for post-summit networking with Websummit speakers

Smart People

Turn conference key words into relevant conversations


We Make Your Networking Experience Relevant, Fun, and Effective

Create your language vibe before the conference. Look at what we did with the "Bored Ape Yacht Club" in preparation for Paris NFT Day. 

Smart Technology

Become confident like Native English Speakers

"“Brilliant idea for people who don't have time for specialist English courses but need to speak at international conferences. For law firm partners and executives this is the perfect combination of language and skills.”
Dr. Bernhard Schatz
Partner at Austria's #1 Law Firm
"I'm an introverted guy and also my English is bad, so I was afraid of going to conferences. Synergetics method gave me the confidence to speak to people and now I sound smart, because I learned the specialist terminology and networking skills in English."
Takeshi Kobayashi
IT Manager, Tokyo, Japan
"Even with a very interesting topic and engaging speaker, I lose focus after about 30 seconds if the person has a strong accent. Synergetics fixed this for my staff of diplomats in 3 hours. I couldn't believe it."
Dr. Bernhard Mommer
Former Deputy Minister, OPEC

Synergetics integrates learning design, language, and content into specialized short courses for busy professionals.

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