Master Your Potential

Identify and strengthen talent, then train your team to apply learning to new challenges, take leadership roles, create novel solutions, increase efficiency, become sustainable, and improve communication across all stakeholder groups within an hour. 

The Web3 EdTech Consultancy

Open-source, decentralized, responsive, artificial – these terms are shaping the future. But People make each company’s heartbeat. Synergetics clients can master niche industry  skills in one hour, earn rewards, use GPT and other AI to maximize communication, build a skills portfolio on blockchain, and connect any device or existing technology to our solutions.

The Science of Synergy

 The whole is more than the sum of its parts, but the parts transform the whole. Our human-centered tech consulting and psychometric assessments are industry leading and used by Microsoft, IBM, and Google for talent development and recruitment.

The Art of Impact

Face your greatest challenges by turning weakness into strength, and labels into transformative superpowers.

Geographic pricing, pay-it-forward crypto and NFT achievement rewards, and open access courses are the language we speak.

Language + Skills Masterclasses

Take the Next Step Toward Your Professional Goals


Academic English and Study Skills Open Course


Writing Content Marketing for Websites in English


Blockchain and Bitcoin in Plain English Course

Synergetics is an empirical method for systems in transformation.

Ready to transform your team?

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