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We synergize innovation and motivation, individuals and company goals then tailor technology, training and evaluation to maximize success. 

Our cutting-edge tools and concepts are used by leading corporations like Google and IBM to support lifelong learning, improved communication, and sustainabile workplaces at every stage.  

The Synergetics approach works with any technology, any existing content, any ability level, any organization size. 


Sample Webinar

Dr. Josh Lange on Writing Skills with Generative AI

Sample Masterclass

Chris Jensen on Concise Legal Writing Style

Words From Our Clients

You believe in us and we believe in you

"“The synergetics approach smoothly integrates language and content from my interests and profession. I always feel at the center of the classes, with sessions that connect my broad interests, like philosophy, change management, and insolvency law.”
Dr. Bernhard Schatz
Partner at Austria's #1 Law Firm
"The Synergetics team supported me to achieve perfection. Working together in the form of a feedback-revision process created a unique synergy where we both learned from each other. In the end, the joint-effort led to a draft beyond expectations."
Dr. Janine Prantl, PhD
Fulbright Scholar, USA
"We had major legal language challenges in a $4 billion dollar arbitration case. Synergetics found specialists who adapted brilliantly to the situation. When new challenges emerged, we were ready!"
Dr. Bernhard Mommer
Former Deputy Minister, OPEC

We discover things like business objectives, KPIs, target content, schedule, budget, personality, focus, interests

Then connect specialists and design a personalized program that synergizes content, language, and an approach that fits each learner.

The four stages of the synergetics learning cycle

  1. Discover:- find human needs, language specifics, and business objectives
  2. Design:- choose the right tools, curriculum, trainers, and methods to maximize learning
  3. Deliver:-  expert language training programs tailored to each audience
  4. Develop:- understand through measurement and expand with self-development

During the course the training team and learner shift toward stronger content, language, or design. New synergies are created with emergent information about the learner – for example a new schedule, updated content, or different focus. Once we deliver the training, we co-create a development plan towards further learning and a begin a new cycle of lifelong learning or what linguists call ‘discrete infinity.’

Through Synergetics’ unique discrete infinity cycle and Totally Responsive Design (TRD) approach we can connect any existing course or material with language and designWe also aim to support work/life balance through easy scheduling and build positive self-esteem with encouraging feedback loops. 

  1. Discover: World-leading expert in legal writing couldn’t expand his services due to high expectations of law firms for trainers, niche topics, and various budget limitations.
  2. Design: high quality, cost-effective solutions for various clients that synergize niche content, language, and existing technologies.
  3. Deliver: global online community of practice with experts and courses targeted to various legal audiences and budgets.
  4. Develop: Catalogue of training options, pool of lawyers and language teachers, and automated online learning to supplement courses and create measurable quality standards.

Results: 2,000 new lawyers trained each year; client upsells that doubled revenue; top-ranked in Google search; new strategic partnerships; maintained 100% satisfaction, 100% retention; shift to online hybrid learning. 

Case #2 Helping Doctors with Refugee Patients

  1. Discover: Overwhelmed medical doctors and influx of refugees unable to communicate even through a translator, causing errors in judgement, increasing patient waiting time and doctor stress level. 
  2. Design: Training that saved time-per-patient, reduced communication anxiety of all three groups, and created more accurate diagnoses.
  3. Deliver: Empathy-based role play and communication training using English as a medium, where doctors, translators, and refugees could more easily understand and simplify language. 
  4. Develop: specific checklists and visual aids for different audiences and common diagnoses to ensure smooth communication flow across languages.

Results: 40% decrease in Doctor communication time with refugees and translators; 90% success rate with mock CanMed Doctor communication skills assessment. 

Case #3 Filling Customer Service Gaps

  1. Discover: Global law firm with over 100 branch offices. Clients complain about different  communication styles which wastes time and money.
  2. Design: Technology-enhanced communication course with tasks that require collaboration between multiple countries and offices.
  3. Deliver: Communication training program that behind-the-scenes extracted consistent language through participant feedback loops, then co-developed a tailored Style Guide, synergizing the  training needs with company preferred language, valuable templates and consistent customer service.
  4. Develop: Further induction training for all employees using the Style Guide to maintain communication consistency across all countries in the CEE region.

Results: 92% of participants reported increased job satisfaction and 100% reported better communication with clients and law firm colleagues from different offices. 

Sample Course

Masters and PhD English Preparatory Course

Sample Short Training

Jeff Keiser esq. on International Trademarks

Synergetics integrates learning design, foreign language, and specialized content.

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